Château de Langeais Wheelchair Loire Valley Accessible Tours
Château de Langeais Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Château de Langeais wheelchair accessible tours to Loire Valley


Along the beautiful Loire Valley, among castles, fortresses, abbeys, woods, gardens, inlets of the river, you will find the wonderful Château de Langeais wheelchair accessible tours, located in the homonymous city.

The peculiarity of the Castle of Langeais lies in the presence of two distinct buildings.

The tower of Foulques Nerra, the oldest keep in France, and the Castle of Louis XI.

In feudal style on the side overlooking the city and Renaissance from the courtyard side

In this way you will be able to see the architecture of two different historical periods in one place.

Bastions, drawbridges, loopholes and taps on one side, skylights, gardens, windows and many decorative elements in perfect Renaissance style.

Château de Langeais Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Château de Langeais

It was practically demolished by the British during the Hundred Years War, when it was under the rule of Philip II.

Around 1465, Louis XI of France had the castle rebuilt, restoring its main aspect which it still preserves today, an example of the architecture of the time.

Each room inside has details that recall the furnishings and the aesthetic taste of the time: coverings, furniture, paintings, sculptures.

Do not miss the main room.

The Hall of a Thousand Flowers, that of the Deer Hunt and the New Heroes.

The courtyard and garden that surround it are obviously worthy of the monumental caliber of the building, elegant and sumptuous.

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Château de Langeais wheelchair accessible tours to Loire Valley in France.

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