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Castel Sant'Elmo Wheelchair Naples Accessible Italy Tours
Castel Sant'Elmo Wheelchair Naples Accessible Italy Tours
Castel Sant’Elmo Wheelchair Accessible Tours
Castel Sant’Elmo Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Castel Sant’Elmo Wheelchair Accessible Tours Naples Excursions

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Castel Sant’Elmo Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Castel Sant’Elmo wheelchair accessible tours, dominates the city of Naples from the highest point of the Vomero Hill.

Is located in Largo San Martino, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the historic center.

Precisely because of its strategic position it has been very coveted over the centuries, since from here you can control the gulf and the whole city.

This splendid castle is located in the place where there was a church dedicated to St Erasmo, hence the name Ermo and then Elmo.

The first documented mention of the Castle dates back to 1329.

Castel Sant’Elmo, is the only castle in the world to have been built on a six-pointed plan.

The meaning of this choice lends itself to various interpretations.

This unusual military structure without towers, has proved very functional over the years.

Surrounded by a moat it was equipped with a large cistern for water supply.

Before the moat there is a small church dedicated, in 1682 by the Spaniards, to Nostra Signora del Pilar.

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Touring Castel Sant’Elmo

The castle was the work of the sienese architect Tino da Camaino, who also built the Certosa.

This new structure became a real citadel and the fortress had been made even more valid from a defensive and strategic point of view.

The immense upper parade ground, it was equipped with long-range artillery to protect the city from itself as well as from external enemies.

In the center of which there are the buildings once destined to the command and the arms room as well as the small Church of Sant’Erasmo,.

The history of this structure, however, mainly concerns its use as a place of control and punishment, as a prison rather than as a defensive embankment for the city.

Still in 1860, after the removal of the Bourbons, the structure was still used as a military prison.

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