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Atzara Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sardinia Excursions

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Atzara Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Atzara wheelchair accessible tours, rises on the South Western slopes of Gennargentu, in the center of Sardinia.

It is an ancient village, famous for its wine, textile tradition and modern artistic inspiration.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, immersed in the sunny and silent Sardinian countryside.

Its ancient historical center has kept intact its Aragonese style urban structure seems not to want to wake up from the sleep of time.

Since the Neolithic, the area has seen human presence, as evidenced by some Nuraghi, but the foundation of the original village dates back to around the year 1000.

The first buildings were built near the source of Bingia de Giosso, which still exists.

The historic center is divided into districts, characterized by ancient houses alternating with more complex buildings made almost entirely of granite.

This feature is one of the strong points of Atzara, together with the charm of the surrounding countryside and the urban fabric of Aragonese style.

A country of vineyards and orchards where most of the grapes that will give life to the exquisite Mandrolisai wine are produced.

Atzara has a great tradition in weaving.

Its carpets are among the most renowned on the island.

The confectionery tradition is renowned.

Is Bucconettes, based on sweet almonds, Sa Tumballa ‘e Latte, based on coffee and rum, Su Gattou, based on sweet almonds and sugar, Sa Pan’ Saba based on sapa.

Private Atzara Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Disabled friendly Atzara wheelchair accessible tours with a professional guide.

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Visit this rich and fascinating land with a specialized tourist guide.

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Touring Atzara

One of the main attractions of the Sardinian country is the curious and interesting Antonio Ortiz Echagüe Museum.

Splendid traditional costumes of Atzara, of the Spanish school, are preserved.

The museum is an excellent starting point for discovering the city’s monuments.

Note the numerous manor houses, in particular, the one located in front of the museum.

It was built in Art Nouveau style, with elegant decorations on the door and on the windows.

To see the Church of Sant’Antioco, Gothic Aragonese style, dating back to the XV century which houses two ancient wooden altars by local carvers.

A wooden statue of the Virgin XVI century and silverware.

The Church of San Giorgio, consecrated in 1386 and its facade is made of stone and the bell tower is Vela.

Atzara‘s economy is still based on wine, much loved by tourists who, arriving in this village, absolutely want to try it.

In addition to Cannonau, other wines are produced, such as Mandrolisai, a ruby red wine with a dry taste.

For lovers of gastronomy, the typical dish of the place is the Tumballa, that is baked pasta that sees as its main ingredients Pipe Rigate pasta, eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs.

Very famous is also the S’ortau, made up of pork combined with spleen, lungs and heart, as well as dried tomatoes and parsley.

Then there is the Pudda Prena, a dish made up of chicken, eggs, lard, liver pesto, parsley, dried tomatoes and saffron!

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Atzara wheelchair accessible tours.

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