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Rivalta Castle wheelchair accessible Italian tours.

Rivalta Castle wheelchair accessible Italian tours

The Rivalta Castle wheelchair accessible Italian tours, one of the most beautiful and best preserved, is in Rivalta suggestive village, located on the banks of the river Trebbia.

First evidence of the village goes back to 1048; in the first decade of 1300 its lord was Obizzo Landi, to whose ancient and noble family it belonged, through ups and downs, until the half of 1800, when it passed to the Zanardi Landi Counts branch of the family, who still own it.

Piacentine Castle's Road

Rivalta Castle wheelchair accessible Italian tours it is characterised by a mixture of styles, medieval, renaissance, baroque and e neoclassical.

Today Rivalta Castle is an original, perfectly preserved walled borough.

The castle is a remarkable example of medieval military architecture, one of the most important in Western Emilia; it is well restored and preserved and the various stages of its construction are well visible.

The massive square donjon dates back to the Middle Ages, as well as the lancet arch at the entrance of the borough and the small semi-circular tower located in the Southern walls.

During the second half of the 15th century the castle was restored by the architect Solari ( who would also restore the Cremlin after that ), in order to adjust it to the new military requirements.

Castle Architecture

The following architectural elements date back to this period: the circular tower, the elegant inner ward with its arcading, firebrick friezes, capitals and medallions, the 25 meter long main hall, with a monumental fireplace and a wonderful caisson ceiling.

The facade with the triangular tympanum dates back tho the restoration works carried out in the 18th century; the tympanum bears the inscription SVEVO SANGUINE LAETA, reminding of ancient blood relations between the Landis and the Svevia dinasty.

Also the stairway leading to the first floor was carried out in the 18th century. Some rooms on the first floor have been converted into a museum.

Rivalta History

The Rivalta Castle wheelchair accessible Italian tours, rich in history and precious for its perfectly preserved state, hosts an interesting museum where ancient and modern arms are displayed.

There are three important flags with the coat of arms of the Scotti family from Sarmato that waved on the yards of the Christian ships participating to the battle of Lepanto in 1571, during which the Europeans defeated the Sarrasins.

The main hall, with its monumental fireplace and some complete armours, is worth visiting as well as the bright green bedroom, the peculiar hawk bedroom with the four-poster bed, the dining room, the richly frescoed gallery and the game room, the large kitchen, the subterraneans that were once stables, and the dungeons.

Booking and Travel

Rivalta Castle wheelchair accessible Italian tours unmissable visit at it with our Castle's Road Accessible Tours specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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