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Naples disabled Posillipo View accessible Italian excursions.

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Naples disabled Posillipo View accessible Italian excursions is a residential quarter of Naples, called Pusilleco in the Neapolitan language.

It is mentioned in classical Greek and Roman sources.

Indeed, the Greeks first named this rocky, wooded height at the western end of the Bay of Naples Pausylipon, meaning "respite from worry".

The area remained largely undeveloped until a road, Via Posillipo, was built between 1812-24.

Naples disabled Posillipo View accessible Italian excursions, that road starts at sea-level at the Mergellina harbor and moves up the coast, roughly parallel to the shore.

The area has been heavily overbuilt since the end of WWII, but contains some notable historical buildings and landmarks.

Among these is the Rosebery Villa, the Italian President's residence when he is in Naples.

Also, there are Roman ruins at waters edge and just before the cape at the end of the Bay of Naples, one can even see the openings of the air-shafts that ventilated the tunnel that led to the residence of Vedius Pollio.

Those premises are partially intact upon the cliff, and include an amphitheater on a height.

The houses at water's edge all have at least small piers or landings, and there are even a few small coves with breakwaters along the way.

These small harbors are the nuclei for separate, named communities such as Marechiaro and Gaiola.

Posillipo is the birthplace of Franco Alfano, the Italian composer and pianist best known for completing Turandot.

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Naples disabled Posillipo View accessible Italian excursions.

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