Interlaken Wheelchair Switzerland Accessible Tours
Interlaken Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Interlaken wheelchair accessible tours Switzerland excursions

Interlaken wheelchair accessible tours, is a beautiful, expensive city located in the Bernese Oberland.

Between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

This splendid location owes its name to its advantageous position.

Interlaken, not surprisingly, derives from the Latin “Inter lacus” which means “Between the lakes”.

Is topped by three mighty mountains, the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau.

The holiday resort of Interlaken, is the starting point for many activities both in summer and in winter.

The town had become the favorite place for nobles and royal families, who also built beautiful castles here.

Interlaken wheelchair accessible tours, is a fantastic base for seeing the best of Central Switzerland‘s magnificent landscapes while enjoying the comforts of a chic lakeside resort.

Tourist attractions are all around, with boat trips on the Lakes of Thun and Brienz on both sides of the city.

An exciting train and funicular rides to the spectacular surrounding peaks.

Today Interlaken is a sporting destination dedicated to relaxation.

Interlaken Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Interlaken

Open all year round for tourism, Interlaken wheelchair accessible tours, can discovered by walking along its streets.

Especially on the Höheweg Avenue, the true hub of the whole city.

In its historic center, the Kursaal Center is not to be missed, and also a perfect place to stroll.

Inside you will be able to try traditional Swiss cuisine in the Spycher restaurant.

A place full of folklore able to project you between past and future with delicious preparations.

A walk in this city corner will allow you to visit the remaining details of the Old Monastery.

To admire the drawings of the windows and the bell tower dating from the XIV century and the remains of a Chapel from 1452.

The views over Interlaken and both lakes from the Harder are spectacular.

Beyond the bridge over the River Aare, next to the Harder Alpine Wildlife Park, the Harder-Kulm cable car climbs up 64 degrees on the Harder to an altitude of 1,322 meters.

Come to Interlaken from June to September and there is a dizzying amount of things to do outside.

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Interlaken wheelchair accessible tours.

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