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Palermo handicapped accessible Sicily Hotel

The central part of the Palermo handicapped accessible Sicily Hotel, used to be the convent and the large church, and the monastic order that enjoyed great fame and prestige in Palermo at the end of the 16th century.

Hotel History

In that period, the European powers made Palermo into a Pearl Harbour of Christianity united in the war against the Turks.

In this context, the monastic order oversaw exchanges of prisoners between the opposing sides, at no small risk to themselves.

It was at this time that the monks left their modest abode near the harbour, to acquire the site, which is now the Palermo handicapped accessible Sicily Hotel.

Both the cloister, characterised by daringly high porticos, and the old convent door have remained practically unchanged.

Above the latter is the effigy that the monastic order as symbol of their mission: a Pelican feeding its baby, an image that still evokes memories of the Christian spiritual tradition.

Finally, the monumental staircase, although partially restored over the course of the centuries, still boasts in most of its steps the now unobtainable red marble from the nearby Piana.

Squares, parks, monuments, shopping streets and much more, can be found within 500 meters from the Palermo handicapped accessible Sicily Hotel.

Accessible Hotel

The windows of each room offer different points of view of the constantly changing heart of the town: from the roofs of old Palermo that form a sort of a gigantic presepio, to the hustle and bustle of square.

Other rooms overlook the elegant Palazzo or the cupolas and bell towers, or even the medieval Piazza San Francesco and its famous church.

This is just one of the reasons why our 127 rooms, offer as many different experiences of Palermo as you could desire.

4 of them are totally accessible with en-suite bathroom with disabled standard facilities.

Each room has its own separate design and personality, but all of them aim to provide maximum comfort, from the most exclusive suite to the snuggest single room.

Please do not hesitate to ask advice on the right room for you. All rooms are provided with: bath and/or shower; centralized air conditioning with individual controls; wide selection of complementary toiletries; direct dial telephone; internet cable connection; mini bar; room safe.

All rooms on all floors are served by four lifts, one for each separate zone of the Palermo handicapped accessible Sicily Hotel.

The question now was to provide a service that would match their own high expectations.

Here too we had an ideal to live up to, the standard of service found in Europe until the first half of the twentieth century.

Hotel Services

Service in those days was more than just frills and ostentation; every movement, every item used had a precise function, expected by the demanding clientele and interpreted by the staff with perfectly timed and silent professionalism.

Researching the historical records and above all, the memories of those who had experienced such service, we came to the conclusion that the rules of conduct were not a fixed, static system to which the client acquiesced in reverent silence.

An intimate dinner, an important dinner with guests, a meal among friends, a grand gala dinner or a buffet, each of these was prepared with care and complete professionalism, but without imposing any preconceived choice on the client.

The first step in planning an event would be to find out what our clients really wanted.

Continuing the metaphor of the tailor-made suit: it had to be comfortable and faultlessly cut; all the client had to do was perhaps wear it with certain elegance!

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