Italy Wheelchair Accessible Guided Tours

Italy wheelchair accessible guided tours offers include services with selected official guides.

Native speakers and with an excellent knowledge of Italian culture, with a license.

In the prices indicated, the guide is at your exclusive disposal.

It is not a service shared with other visitors

On this page there are some personalized itinerary proposals to discover the artistic and cultural heritage of Italian cities and villages with ideas and proposals that can be divided into several days of sightseeing.

Below you will find suggestions for visits to the major museums and palaces, its churches and basilicas.

Our professional guides are at your disposal for guided tours in Italy.

Both in the historic center and in the immediate vicinity of your hotel and visit the cities you have always dreamed of.

Scrolling through our products, you will find tours already developed by us directly.

We are available to help you process any type of request, creating personal and original itineraries with you.

The guided tours will be completely personalized and organized in line with your tastes and desires.