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Villasimius Wheelchair Accessible Tours Sardinia Excursions

Villasimius wheelchair accessible tours, is a famous seaside resort, which rises in the South Eastern tip of Sardinia and which flows into the sea of the Gulf of Carbonara.

Its territory, in the province of Cagliari, also includes two wonderful islands, namely the Isola dei Cavoli and the Isola di Serpentara.

Paradise exists and is located in the South of Sardinia!

It is in this stretch of coast that the Mediterranean gives its best with intense colors of the sea, green hills and white beaches that seem tropical.

The village is worth a visit, not only to admire the beautiful beaches, but also to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the surrounding landscapes, for the relaxing atmosphere and for the excellent cuisine, mainly based on fresh fish.

The whole territory of Villasimius is characterized by numerous defensive towers erected to defend against Arab and Barbarian attacks.

Walking through the historic center do not miss a visit to the Parish of San Raffaele Arcangelo and to the Church of Santa Maria which is an integral part of a Roman villa erected and which at the time carried out the thermal function.

The Archaeological Museum of Villasimius is absolutely worth a stop.

It preserves the archaeological remains found in the territory of Villasimius from the Nuragic Ages to the Middle Ages.

It is divided into several thematic rooms.

Villasimius Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Villasimius

Although Villasimius is a town that owes its fame to its beautiful beaches, this does not mean that it does not have other naturalistic and historical-cultural beauties of a certain importance.

The Phoenician and Roman settlement of Cuccureddus, for example, is among the most visited in the city.

In fact, on this hill in the Gulf of Carbonara, there was a Phoenician and later Roman sanctuary which, due to its geographical position, became a landing point for merchants and travelers of the time.

A short distance away, you will also find the Necropolis of Cruccuris, dated between the I and II centuries AD.

To date, only a few graves have been found with funerary objects still intact, with the ointment jugs that were to accompany the deceased on his path after life.

Not far from the beach of Simius you will find the Necropolis of Accu Is Traias, used since the I century AD at least until the IV century AD.

The Old Fortress of Villasimius, of considerable historical and architectural value, which stands on a promontory not far from Capo Carbonara.

During the summer, not an evening will pass without the town center being animated by some folkloristic and food and wine festivals.

Villasimius is in fact known for its religious festivals and for its cuisine.

Don’t forget to taste the local honey, wine, amaretti and cheese, a Sardinian dessert made of ricotta, also known as Pardulas.

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