Villa Romana di Patti Marina Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
Villa Romana di Patti Marina Wheelchair Sicily Accessible Tours
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Patti Marina

Villa Romana

Villa Romana di Patti Marina wheelchair accessible tours Sicily excursions

Villa Romana di Patti Marina wheelchair accessible tours, is located near the underpass of the motorway, in the locality of Patti.

The rediscovery of this very interesting archaeological site took place in completely occasional circumstances in August 1973.

When two pylons destroyed part of the north side of the villa 6 km away from Tindari.

It is a large villa of the late Roman imperial age with an extension of about 20,000 square meters.

Dating back to the IV century AD, it was built on the remains of another older villa, probably from the II-III century. A.D.

Although the excavation operations are still in progress and many rooms are waiting to be excavated down to the floor level, the general configuration of the villa is quite clear.

The explored part corresponds to the central nucleus of the villa,

Villa Romana di Patti Marina Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Villa Romana di Patti Marina

It has many similarities with the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina and that of Tellaro near Noto, both of the same period.

There are many rooms that can be admired, some of which have polychrome mosaics depicting mostly animals within octagons fragmented by floral ornaments and geometric figures.

A visit to the annexed Antiquarium is planned, which houses finds from Roman tombs found in the area.

Further results of the excavation investigations will be fundamental to define more precisely the chronology of the villa which was destroyed by a violent earthquake.

After the earthquake, in the Byzantine period, between the VI and VII centuries AD, the remains of the villa were partly re-accustomed and restored.

A series of masonry pit tombs belong to this settlement phase.

Corresponding housing levels allow to define a continuation of the inhabited area at least up to the X century AD.

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