Talamone Wheelchair Maremma Accessible Tours
Talamone Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Talamone wheelchair accessible tours Maremma Tuscany excursions

Talamone wheelchair accessible tours, is a small coastal town in the Maremma.

Is part of the municipality of Orbetello in the province of Grosseto.

Is a small marina with a great history.

It stands on a rocky promontory on the southern border of the Maremma Regional Park.

Legend has it that the name of Talamone comes directly from the Greek hero Telamone, son of Aeacus and Endeide, brother of Achilles‘ father, Peleus.

It says Telamon landed here on his way back from Calabria and is buried right under the fortress.

Its origins date back to the Etruscan era even if some findings affirm that it was already inhabited in prehistoric times.

In 1356 Talamone became the commercial port of Florence.

The flourishing of its port and consequently of its village determined a beautiful period of prosperity for the inhabitants of Talamone.

TouristS in Talamone is enchanted while walking in the characteristic alleys of the village to reach the upper part of the Rocca.

A panoramic point that offers a wonderful view over the entire gulf.

Talamone Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Talamone

Dominion of the Aldobrandeschi in the early Middle Ages, who built the imposing fortress during the XIII century, passed to the Sienese in the first half of the following century.

However, the unhealthy conditions of the Maremma and malaria led Talamone to experience centuries of decay and abandonment, despite some attempts to recover the fortifications of the village.

During the XVIII century a slow recovery began.

The town was a stage of the expedition to Egypt of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who left in 1798 from Toulon to Naples, stopping at “la rade de Tagliamon sur les côtes de Toscane”, as Napoleon wrote in his Memoires.

However, the name of the city is certainly linked to the enterprise of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his Thousand.

The expedition made a stop here in 1860 to supply themselves with water and weapons and to land three hundred and thirteen Republican Garibaldians.

The house where the Italian patriot stayed, destroyed by some bombing, has recently been rebuilt and a plaque has been affixed to it in memory of the event.

Today Talamone is a renowned seaside resort on the Maremma coast and on the Silver Coast, which sees its main resource in tourism.

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Talamone wheelchair accessible tours Maremma disabled excursions.

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