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The Archaeological Park of Scylletium wheelchair accessible tours, is located in Roccelletta di Borgia.

The Archaeological Park tells the story of Skylletion, a city of Magna Graecia, which became a prosperous Roman colony called than Scolacium.

Legend has it that it was Menestesus, king of Athens, the ecyst of Skylletion.

In reality the foundation dates back to the VI-V century BC by Greek colonists from Athens or Crotone.

Not many testimonies remain of the inhabited area in pre-Roman times.

The remains mainly visible in the site show the layout of the Roman colony with the most important monuments.

As some stretches of paved streets, remains of aqueducts, mausoleums, other burial facilities, the Basilica and a Thermal plant.

The site is immersed in a centuries-old olive grove which is the green lung of the province of Catanzaro.

Today Scylletium lives also thanks to the numerous cultural events that take place within it.

Such as exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances capable of attracting the participation of thousands of people attracted by the aura of charm that envelop the entire Archaeological Park.

Scylletium Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Scylletium

The wheelchair accessible guided tour of the Scylletium Archaeological Park takes place through a paved path.

Among the centuries-old olive trees, the view of the sea from a unique perspective is beautiful.

The Roman Theater located in the center of the Gulf of Squillace.

The imposing remains of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Roccella, the Forum of the ancient city is grandiose.

Most of the material recovered during the excavations comes from the Theater, among which the valuable architectural fragments and sculptural groups stand out.

Not far from the Theater are the remains of the Amphitheater, whose construction dates back to the time of Nerva‘s intervention.

A journey dedicated to history and culture to rediscover the figure of a symbol of Calabrian identity.

From the ancient Scylletium, the birthplace of Cassiodorus, to the Vasche and Vivarium, places where the historian and scholar retired to devote himself to his studies.

Making an intermediate stop at the Castle of Squillace, where the castle monastery of Cassiodorus was originally built.

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Scylletium wheelchair accessible tours.

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