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San Galgano Abbey
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San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Val D'Orcia Accessible Tuscany Tours
San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Val D'Orcia Accessible Tuscany Tours
San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Accessible Tours
San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Accessible Tours

San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Accessible Tours Val D'Orcia Excursions

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San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Accessible Tours

San Galgano Abbey wheelchair accessible tours was founded by Cistercian monks from Casamari Abbey.

They dedicated the new foundation to St Galganus ( d. 1181 ), a hermit who lived on the hill above the abbey.

The abbey was constructed around 1224 - 1288.

The monks of San Galgano were exceptionally powerful and played a major role in the affairs of nearby cities.

Their many duties included resolving disputes between such cities as Siena and Volterra and even overseeing the construction of Siena Cathedral.

Private San Galgano Abbey Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring San Galgano Abbey

It has the typical Cistercian plan based on a latin cross with three aisles, rich in carved capitals and rose windows, with a cloister, halls and atypically, a bell tower.

The richeness of San Galgano Abbey and its good relationship with Siena attracted the incursions of the Florentine armies which, together with other political events, resulted in the rapid decline of the abbey beginning in the first half of the XV century.

It is historically and architecturally one of the most important religious monuments in the Sienese countryside and, together with the nearby chapel at Monte Siepi.

Is an important expression of the gothic Cistercian style in Italy represented by the Fossanova Abbey in Latium.

The abbey's is named after Galgano Guidotti.

A XII Century knight who finally came to understand the importance of being a good Christian after having first experienced every kind of naughtiness.

Similar to St Francis, Galgano renounced his wordly life,though in this case he became a hermit.

One day he didn't have a cross in front of which to pray, so he took his sword and miraculously planted it into a rock; the shape of the handle, with the shaft mostly hidden, created a cross.

San Galgano Abbey wheelchair accessible tours you can find that stone and sword in the small, rounded chapel on the hill next to the abbey, Galgano's hermitage.

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San Galgano Abbey wheelchair accessible tours.

Unmissable visit at it with our Tuscany, Val D'Orcia Accessible Tours.

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