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Rimini Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Rimini wheelchair accessible tours, is not just a city but an entire collective imagination.

Postcards, films, songs, have been passing on for decades the dream of this place that has become synonymous with sea, summer and fun in the world.

Yet, behind its reputation as a city to visit only for holidays, Rimini has a soul.

The city also satisfies the traveler in search of art, monuments and historical testimonies.

The history of Rimini has its roots in ancient times and this, added to the privileged geographical position, historically strategic.

The excellent regional cuisine, among the most popular in Italy, helps to make it a destination worth living.

Founded by the Romans after a victory over the Gauls, the ancient Ariminum became an increasingly important center.

It was no coincidence that the Romans started two fundamental arteries from Rimini.

The Via Flaminia which still today connects it with Rome, and the Via Emilia which unites it with Piacenza.

Here then different peoples and dominations crossed and followed one another.

From the Byzantines to the Lombards, from the Malatesta to the Venetians.

Peoples who have left a surprising and still admirable trace in the city architecture and major attractions, such as the Amphitheater, the Malatesta Fortress, the Arch of Augustus.

Rimini Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Disabled friendly Rimini wheelchair accessible tours with a professional guide.

Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full accessible tours around it at previewed itineraries.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with a specialized tourist guide.

Adapted van transportation specifically designed for disabled tourists.

Traveling on holiday to Rimini in Emilia-Romagna.

Touring Rimini

The Malatesta Temple, no less linked to the name of Leon Battista Alberti.

He designed the structure and the exterior and was commissioned by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta.

Those equally famous by Piero della Francesca, Giotto, Giorgio Vasari and Agostino di Duccio for the frescoes, paintings and sculptures that they are kept inside.

The Arch of Augustus, together with the Tiberius Bridge, is one of the oldest Roman symbols of Rimini, as well as a fundamental reference point for the whole city.

The monument is in fact located in the historic center.

At the end of the Corso d’Augusto, which crosses the whole center up to the aforementioned bridge.

Visit the Domus del Chirurgo and Little Pompeii re-emerged from the darkness of the centuries.

In the historic heart of Rimini invites the public to discover its history, its mosaics and the exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical equipment.

The Rimini tradition draws its lymph from the very life of its ancient villages.

One of these and perhaps the best known because made famous by the figure of Federico Fellini.

Is undoubtedly the Borgo San Giuliano, in whose streets you can find that typical atmosphere told by the great director.

Among the alleys and houses of the Borgo San Giuliano it is also possible to admire colorful murals made by Rimini painters representing the films and the life of the Master.

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Rimini wheelchair accessible tours.

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