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Florence disabled Riccardiana Library accessible Tuscany tours.

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Florence disabled Riccardiana Library accessible Tuscany tours

The Florence disabled Riccardiana Library accessible Tuscany tours, towards the 1600 from Riccardo Riccardi, was placed where it is found now ( on the back side of the Palace Medici-Riccardi, with access from the part of Via De' Ginori ) to the end of the XVII century.

In 1715 it was open to the public; in 1812 risked to to be sold the auction, but the Commune was authorized from the Napoleonic Government to both it for 131,000 franks.

This Florence disabled Riccardiana Library accessible Tuscany tours contains volumes and manuscripts, between which a manuscript of the X century with the text of works of Plinio the Young one; another Frenchman, with the story of Venice until 1275.

The autograph of the Florentine Istorie of the Machiavelli; the connection of the journey of between Odorico from Pordenone in the Indias ( 1318 ).

A manuscript in ancient of the Divine Comedy with an retract from Francesco of Ser Nardo I in the first half of the XIV century and containing the arms of the Alighieri

The text of the Chronic Nova of Rude Giovanni, transcribed for Rude Matteo in 1377 and gained from Bernardo Davanzati in 1588

A copy of the Banquet of Giving, postillata from Torquato Rate; the original text The Triumph of Petrarca

An Aristotle preserved from the miniatore Attavante Attavanti.

But the property of the library is huge and wide still unpublished part, for that often come done new discoveries.

Of recent, for example, to the inside of the Code Vaglienti 1910, was traced the most ancient translation in vulgar flaw-Latin ( in the case in matter, in Tuscany ) of the Koran, back to 1210-1213, much preceding therefore to that of Andrea Arrivabene of 1547.

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