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Certaldo wheelchair accessible tours is a medieval village not far from Florence, in the Val D'Elsa area.

The town of art was is the birthplace and homeland of Giovanni Boccaccio who lived and died in Certaldo on 12 December 1375.

Due to its historical tradition and its artistic beauty, Certaldo represents a city to visit, a tourist destination of great interest also for its position.

Is near interesting places such as Castelfiorentino, Florence, Empoli, San Gimignano and Gambassi Terme.

An ideal excursion. for tourists who choose to stay or spend their holidays in these areas of Tuscany.

Its origin is undoubtedly Etruscan even if its development starts at the time of the early Middle Ages.

Its historic center, the upper part of the town, is completely medieval.

In 1292 Certaldo falls under the direct dominion of Florence to become in 1415 the seat of the Vicariate of Val D'Elsa and Val di Pesa.

Precisely because it is the seat of the Vicariate Certaldo, it knows its greatest development and splendor in this period, becoming the most important center of the Val D'Elsa.

Tourist destination of great interest, Certaldo wheelchair accessible tours has a more modern part, Certaldo Alto which is located in the plain and a part in the hills.

It represents the historic core of the medieval village.

The two areas of the city are connected by a funicular which can be accessed from Piazza Boccaccio, the main square in the lower part.

In the surroundings of Certaldo it is possible to visit villages like Colle Val D'Elsa and San Casciano in Val di Pesa  and a little further away Volterra.

Certaldo Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Certaldo

The heart of the town is constituted by Via Boccaccio.

It entirely cuts through the historic core and on which, moreover, all the major buildings face, culminating in the suggestive Palazzo del Vicario,or Pretorio.

Built in the XII century on the site of an ancient castle, and rebuilt in the XV century, it is the symbolic monument of Certaldo.

The first document that officially mentions the Castle of Certaldo dates back to 1164 when it was granted as a fief by the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa to the Alberti counts.

The Castle, was part of a series of fortifications with which the Alberti family controlled the Val D’Elsa.

Stood in an ideal position, on the top of a hill, to control the Via Francigena.

If you reach the historic center of Certaldo Alto with the funicular, you will arrive near one of the three city gates.

Porta Alberti and Palazzo Stiozzi Ridolfi, one of the most characteristic buildings in the village.

On the right is the beautiful Palazzo Scoto da Semifonte, now home to a hotel.

As you will notice, these and also others among the most important buildings in the center have military characteristics such as towers and battlements.

Giovanni Boccaccio's house is located on the main street just beyond the Museo del Chiodo.

Partially rebuilt in the XX century, it is now the headquarters of the Giovanni Boccaccio National Institute.

Certaldo wheelchair accessible tours, houses a museum dedicated to the great author and an important library.

That preserves various documents and many texts including various editions, in various languages, of the Decameron, the immortal masterpiece. by Boccaccio.

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