Brunate Wheelchair Lake Como Accessible Tours
Brunate Wheelchair Accessible Tours
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Brunate Wheelchair Accessible Tours Lake Como Excursions

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Brunate Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Brunate wheelchair accessible tours, is an Italian town in the province of Como.

It is known for its numerous villas in an eclectic and liberty style.

Also for the funicular that connects it to Como and for numerous panoramic points from which you can see the entire western Alps, the Po Valley and the Apennines.

It so much so that it is considered the Balcony on the Alps.

Brunate is located at an altitude of 715 meters, leaning against the ridge of Mount Tre Croci, exposed on the southern side of the mountain.

On clear days it is in fact possible to clearly see the skyscrapers of Milan.

It has also always been a holiday destination for the ancient Como and Milanese nobility.

Has a rather ancient history that sees the Celts and the Etruscan the first protagonists, even if the construction of the fortified village took place only under the dominion with the Romans.

The strength of Brunate lies mainly in its position, as in ancient times it connected Italy to the North Europe with many trade routes.

Moreover, thanks to its proximity to Como, it had begun to enjoy the influence of the commercial success of its neighbor.

Private Brunate Wheelchair Accessible Tours

Brunate wheelchair accessible tours to Lake Como guided private tours.

Accessible Italian Holiday provide a safe and a full accessible tours around it at previewed itineraries.

Visit this rich and fascinating land with a specialized tourist guide.

Adapted van transportation specifically designed for disabled tourists traveling on holiday to Brunate Lake Como.

Touring Brunate

If you want to visit Lake Como in the summer months you have to take into account that in the hottest hours of the day, sometimes the temperature can become very high.

To look for some fresh and clean air, the wisest choice is to take the funicular to reach Brunate, following a 7 minute route with an altitude difference of 500 meters and a maximum gradient of 55%.

Connects Brunate to Como to Piazza De Gasperi.

Go up the suggestive ComoBrunate funicular, inaugurated in 1894.

At the beginning of the XX century became the most famous summer resort of the Belle Époque for wealthy Milanese families.

Booking & Travel

Brunate wheelchair accessible tours to Lake Como.

Unmissable visit at it with our Lake Como Accessible Tours.

Specifically tailored to wheelchair users, reduced mobility persons and disabled with an adapted van.

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