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Badia a Passignano wheelchair accessible tours Florence day excursions


Badia a Passignano wheelchair accessible tours, is a monastery that crowns the Chianti Hills.

A visit that will allow you to travel back in time, through the Middle Ages to the present day.

Surrounded by a grove of cypresses, it still stands out on the horizon today as in the late medieval period, when its vision was to represent consolation for pilgrims.

Its fortified appearance, with corner towers, makes it similar to a castle.

Is probably due to the protection needs that emerged in historical times of struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines, Emperors and Popes, but also within the village itself.

Destroyed and rebuilt several times, today it looks more like a castle than a monastic community.

In the XI century the community was among the first to welcome the monastic reform of Vallombrosa.

Promoted by Giovanni Gualberto, becoming one of the centers of the fight against Simony ( buying and selling of ecclesiastical offices ).

The monks who resided in the abbey promoted scientific research and the conservation of the countryside through the cultivation of the vine which is still the main activity in Chianti.

Badia a Passignano Wheelchair Accessible Tours

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Touring Badia a Passignano

Recent studies have highlighted both the importance of the Etruscan ridge paths that affect the area.

The design of an ingenious historical road network that has contributed to "design" the territory for centuries.

Everything here suggests the typical Florentine Renaissance Art, strongly supported and made personally by the Medici.

First by Lorenzo the Magnificent in the Cloister, in the wooden choir, in the extension of the monastery to promote the novitiate and the call of famous artists to decorate the complex.

Later by Cosimo I de Medici in the late Renaissance paintings that were made under his guidance.

At the end of the visit of the Abbey it will be easy to visit a wine producing company where you will have the opportunity to Taste the famous Chianti Wine.

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Badia a Passignano wheelchair accessible tours.

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